robocam pro

robocam pro

The ROBOCAMpro is an innovative and lightweight crane, jib arm and motion control rig rolled into one. With its slick architecture, easy assembly and remote control software technology, ROBOCAMpro will revolutionize your next film and video project. Designed around a central upright column, this motorized jib/dolly can seamlessly rise and fall, tilt, rotate and even track. Stand back with its remote control and watch ROBOCAMpro create perfect, sweeping camera moves, over and over again.

Designed with lightweight digital cameras in mind such as the Sony ex1 or the Red Scarlet, ROBOCAMpro has an infinite number of applications for producers, directors, and cinematographers alike. With the software version you will have the ability to create perfect point A to point B moves over your designated timeframe...More information


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